Highest product quality through more than 50 years of experience in metal processing

WARNY – since 1998 we are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The entire product production is subject to strict quality management. International standards, precautionary risk controls and systematic workflows are lived practice in the manufacturing process – with a guarantee of 2 years. We consciously attach great importance to the fact that all production processes are carried out according to the same specifications so that our customers can always expect the same quality – regardless of which employees were involved in the development process. 


From development to production: WARNY, a partner for your projects

Our company WARNY was founded in 1961 in St.Vith/Belgium. Since 1967 we have been producing more than 4000 different car repair sheets for all types of vehicles.

In addition, we have specialized in the following areas

  • All types of sheet metal processing – steel and stainless steel –
  • Development, design and construction of tools
  • Development and construction of welding and control gauges
  • Production of stamping, pressing and deep-drawing tools
  • Working as a sub-contractor in the field of “metal processing
  • Robot welding – ROMAT A310 (CLOOS)

For many years we have been working as sub-contractors for well-known companies in the automotive industry.

The ISO certification 9001: 2008 guarantees qualitatively optimal goods.

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Onlineshop for car body parts, car body sheets and repair sheets for classic cars and youngtimers

You will find accessories for chassis and bodywork, metal parts, Elo galvanized sheet metal, sheet metal parts and car sheets. We are your online shop for body parts, body sheets and repair sheets.

These are the brands for which we have repair sheets in our program: Citroën, Renault, Mercedes, VW, Opel, BMW, Suzuki, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Audi, Peugeot and Mazda. Whether 2CV, R4 or other cult cars, we help you with the restoration of your vehicle.